About us

over 55 years of successful business

About us



The company “Đuđa Giugia" ltd. was founded in 1966 as a carpenter shop, owned by Milan Milovanović. It has been developing and improving for years and today it is a renowned and respectable company with a long family tradition known for its design and the production of indoor doors and windows made of solid wood and wood-aluminum and the interiors.   

The business activity

The company "Đuđa Giugia" ltd. is located in a small place called  Žiča (3,5 km far from Kraljevo and  1 km far from the medieval monastery of  Žiča), on its own ground with a complete accompanying infrastructure. The basic production program of the company is to produce doors of solid wood for the inside of the house as well as the front doors, safety doors and fire doors and windows made of laminated wood and of combinations of wood and aluminum as well as the hotel interiors. The products are produced in standard dimensions and are delivered when furnishing household or business premises, but can also be produced at requested, desired dimensions     and design of the buyer in case of particular requests. We possess the appropriate attests as the proof of quality of the products.

The tradition

The long business tradition and presence on the market which lasts for over 50 years, made it possible to obtain the experience in the field of production, to acquire the trust of the clients and thus direct the resources in order to meet the buyers` needs. Our target market is made of the following groups: companies, investors and construction workers / companies which deal with the furnishing of the residential and business premises and hotels as well as the buildings for other purposes and they make up the main market segment.  



From the carpentry shop, through the production-sales company, the tendency is to have constant expansion and improvement. We have turned into a predominantly exporting company. Through our site www.giugia.com we get into contact with clients who are not in the position to come to our show rooms or get paper promotional material. We are also present in the renowned magazines in the field of construction and interior design. We place our products through wholesale.

The environment

Respecting the environment is the leading guideline and principle of our production philosophy. We do not focus only on the versatility and quality of our products but also on the use of the ecologically friendly resources, using waste wood and recycling. Some of our products are energy efficient and the production is carried by modern machines by the well-trained staff, which in itself is a proof of the implementation of European standards in the production.

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