UV 53

  • Interior doors

The door is veneered by the oak veneer, coated by white coating, with fillings, 4mm wide.

Technical informations

In the construction field doors are considered to be the part of the building with which the owner of the building has the most time to deal with- he holds them, opens and closes them. However, the development of the door went in the direction of the shape modeling; namely, the surface processing of the door wing, shackles and the production cost-effectiveness. Built into the hole they serve the purpose of connecting neighboring rooms. They are made of the solidly built-in jamb-footer, with lacings, and one or more mobile door wings. It is considered ordinary today for the door to function well and smoothly, to reduce noise and prevent from heat loss, break-ins or fire. Our aim is to provide the buyers, i.e. experts who deal with the interior design and construction criteria, carpentry producers and tradesmen, explain how to make the best choice for themselves when doors are concerned.  

Giugia doors are made at the customer`s request. By their construction they add value and hue to the interior and provide its modern look.  

We divided the doors into the following categories:

1. According to the purpose

- Outside doors - made of one piece
- entrance doors
- inside doors

2. According to the special demands

- soundproof
- fireproof
- safety
- special

3. According to the way of opening

- rotating
- sliding
- folding

4. According to the purpose

- Outside doors - made of one piece
- entrance doors
- inside doors

5. According to the number of the wings

- Single
- Double
- Multiple

6. According to the level of final processing

- Veneered- with lac
- non-veneered - painted
- coated with different foils

7. According to the opening direction

- Left - L
- Right – D
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